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Handmade in SA | Printed on White Vinyl | Durable | YOUR Design


If you aren't keen on our designs, you can customise a sticker for you! We can put almost anything on vinyl! Simply pop your design in when checking out.


Requirements for design:

  • Can be full colour
  • Can be text or a drawn image - can also be an image but they don't always print well (we will email you if this is the case)
  • We will email you if there is an issue and your design needs to be revised.

Custom Sticker

  • These are durable stickers but we recommend using a dry cloth to dust them after putting them onto a surface. Avoid soaking in water. If using on a water bottle, wash bottle with only cold water, no scourer and dry immediately. 

  • We will not print any derogatory or prejudicial designs or images. We reserve the right to decline an order if we feel that the design is not in line with company values. 

    If the design requires more work, we will contact you about additional design fees. 

    There are no refunds or returns on custom items.

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