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Handmade in SA | Permanent Vinyl Design | Comes with Glass Straw | Original Design


This glass is a part of the Humanity range. Each month, 50% of the profits from this range will be donated to a charity or organisation that is doing humanitarian work or providing vital care to those who need it. We appreciate your support!

Cup of Social Justice Glass

Only 5 left in stock
    • Handwash in COLD WATER Only and DRY immediately
    • Do not use for hot drinks
    • Wash the soft side of the sponge
    • Use a straw cleaner to clean the straw with soap and warm water

    The vinyl on this glass is permanent and is made to last 5-7 years outdoors. However, we cannot guarantee that over time it won't fade or peel. 

    To make the most of your glassware:

    • Keep out of water - except for washing
    • Keep out of direct sunlight for extended time periods
    • Do not pick up the edges of the vinyl
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