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Made in SA | Handmade | Strong Glass | Free Glass Straw


The popular can-shaped glasses are finally here! Enjoy your iced coffee (or tea) in one of these stunning etched glasses. While they don't come with coffee, they do come with a free glass straw! 


Yin Yang depicts two forces that make up all aspects of life. Yin and Yang are depicted as light and dark halves of a circle and represent opposite but complementry forces. Before you buy this item, please take a minute to do a quick search on the menaing and importance of the symbol and its history.

Yin Yang Glass Tumbler

    • Handwash Only
    • Do not use for hot drinks
    • Wash using warm or cool (not hot) water and the soft side of the sponge
    • Use a straw cleaner to clean the straw with soap and warm water
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