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Business Memes

This is going to be a raw representation of running a business with sprinkles of humour so I can maintain my status as the funny friend.


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As I’ve mentioned in past blog posts, running a business takes some grit. Every now and then, one needs to take a break and look at memes. So today’s blog post is all about some small business memes I love!

To the people who tell you that starting a business is easy… I hope your pillow is warm on both sides forever.

To be fair, I started my business in my first year of university, so the anxiety was built in. Anyways, this is an accurate depiction of starting a business… in this economy!

I started my own business and now I’m here. Or whatever Drake said. Running a social media account for my business is like starting from the bottom and then never moving. I celebrate each like and comment – which isn’t hard considering there are about 3 per post. Don’t get me started on ***the algorithm***. Side note: Insta now prefers 3-5 hashtags instead of 9-11 and no reposting Tik Toks, your reels can’t have the watermark. And the best time to post is 10am… or was it noon, or maybe 3pm? Never mind.

There is one perfect human who likes every single one of my posts and to that star of a person, I appreciate you with whole being. To the other 2 friends who like almost all, you’re important to me. To everyone who scrolled past, that hurt my feelings.

This is the exact face I make when I get a like or comment that is not someone I know and not spam. That shi* will make your heart beat faster.

When I first started my business, I believed that anyone who saw a post of my products or heard about my custom phone cases would act on it. Clearly, I had forgotten that we were in the middle of a pandemic and people were not buying ‘luxury’ items. Don’t worry, it got better when I started the market circuit.

There was a trend on Tik Tok last year which had small owners doing the little dance that they do when they get a sale. Well I'm here to confirm that we in fact do do said little happy dance to thank our lucky stars!

To finish off this truly incredible masterpiece of a blog post, I will leave you with this: SHOP LOCAL...please <3

I hope these memes brought a smile to your face. Or maybe it led you to the cool, fun, fresh products we sell at Squared Designs Africa!

All the best,


Squared Designs Africa Founder and CEO

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